Museum Hunt – Missing Treasures

The museum as escape room

Acting on behalf of a British family member, the teams embark on a secret mission to find some missing treasures. Will you be able to solve the puzzle?

Basel Historical Museum is the first museum in the region to initiate a live adventure game at one of its sites, namely the Haus zum Kirschgarten.

Working in collaboration with Basel Historical Museum, Sherlock GmbH has turned its highly successful escape room concept into a novel way of discovering a museum.

Here, there is no need for elaborate scenery as the palatial Haus zum Kirschgarten with its period rooms and historical objects makes an ideal stage set.

The fictional plot, moreover, builds on historical facts. The teams are dispatched on a secret mission to find some missing treasures on behalf of a British family member. Exactly what they are to retrieve, and the clues that will help them find it are provided via a tablet app.

The game therefore calls for good powers of deduction, dexterity and orientation. The only prerequisites for taking part are a natural love of games, curiosity and the desire to discover new things.

Families, young adults and all those who wish to experience the museum in a new way are invited to become agents.




Right now the game is not bookable. We are in the process of renovating and updating the experience.